Gothic Spirituality Music


Fourscore and millions of light years ago, forebearers of fallen nature brought forth upon this cosmos, and planet earth in particular, a new dimension conceived in rebellion and dedicated to the proposition that all creation will suffer the darkness, being deceived and betrayed until utter decay.

Then one awakens seeing for the first time, due to the lake of fire, a bright computer screen that has every thought and action of one's entire life totally explaining in never ending explicit detail how s/he arrived at X marks the spot. very 666ish.

You call out to Lazarus or some other poor beggar you passed by and dismissed in life, but they're all at a resort sipping something cool with a tiny umbrella in it. you're still waiting for a double shot of Lethe, but there is none to be had. the travel agent for crossing river Styx was either on drugs or schooled in Delphic utterances. what else can be said except Charon was totally uncommunicative and no help at all. you have now become like Tantalus. alas, irrevocable recognition. alas, irreversible realization.

We, gathered here, have seen this movie albeit foreign and subtitled. we have understood. we have not only inhaled the darkness by simply being born into this earth, we have come to know we are all a part of this darkness .

To the extent in which each of us makes our abode here is up to the individual; no coercion just free will and free choice - the power of thinking, the power of feeling, the power of living - Plato and caves, images and Forms, shadows and puppets, enlightenment or not - agreeing on one thing - music matters. let's dance and see where it takes us.



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