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The passion of this album comes from over the years. Much like the Wright brothers, we have had a huge number of failures.  We have gone to the blackboard countless times trying to find the right equation to make this thing fly.  When we came across Mel and Thomas the bass and percussionist on our CD, the sound came together. Dario G. Da Rosa, masterful engineer such that he is, captured this in a mystical musical moment. He is a genius and has been an all around great guy in the recording studio. He understands and has an appreciation for our work. [Go to The Sound and download free song. If you don't listen to the entire song you won't get it. If you do listen to the entire song and don't get it - well, well - no can say.] 

Our concept is about civilizations, nations, different cultures , and how time has its way with humanity. If you are a citizen of Earth, you are a part of this reality. Your life is relevant and the clock is ticking. We would like "the power of the dogs" to be a part of your adventurous journey across the planet and into another realm. We want to enable you to be transported to another plane of existence - to live there in your own space - being exactly who you are supposed to be. Transformation is possible... but you must be a seeker.

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