it's who we are

Our music is gothic spirituality primarily about spiritual warfare - what goes on behind the scenes in the invisible realm. but there are many levels to our work. you take it for what you understand it to be. wherever you are in your life, it is your free will to interpret this work however you choose.

Our music lyrically is in some form or another about the fight on this earth, the battle in the cosmos, and the results of warfare - whether it be spiritual, political, social, ecological, personal, or planetary. it is about suffering. it is about overcoming.

Our music sound is about dancing, expression, celebration, release, and the total freedom from any tradition or expectation. there are no constraints or caged ideas.

Our music, poetry, and artwork are intertwined in our lives. our lives are about believing. devotion, loyalty, and commitment to a cause or purpose. we hope our music is positive and productive in your life - that it enables you to find a harmonic balance between your warrior self and peaceful self - that it uplifts your soul - that it helps to shed light on your raison d'etre.

Our music mission is to bring to the forum dialogue, discussion, discourse, and open debate. it is to present an opportunity for conversation, communication, and connection. ultimately, in the end, our desire is to establish communion.

The Medieval Period
( 476 a.d. - 1450 a.d.)

One thousand years is a long time - things pretty much stayed the same - it has only been around 550 years since things have been changing, but the pendulum will ultimately begin to swing back in certain ideological spheres. this is not necessarily due to a broadened horizon in the comprehension of things, but because so many many people have come to the recognition that they are in the "pit". they do not know what to do, they are desperate, but they keep digging in their heels because what else is there. this is what they have been trained for - to stay in the trenches, in the mud, in the quicksand - NO LIFE - working for the big what? programmed to make IT happen. so here you are and here we go.

Our Music is spiritual alternative with a gothic European style. we provoke thought through a medieval mindset for modern living. energy exists in the unseen realm.
the invisible is happening -
FRAGLEN is about goingTHEREgettingTHEREbeingTHERE.


to Him who rides the ancient skies above...

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